Our Story

EPICurious Pantry is a love story.

A love story about food.
A love story about culture.
A love story about exploring the world.

And it started with another love story - the one about Sophie and Blake.
Sophie was born and raised in Paris by Portugese parents.
Blake was born and raised in Toronto by an English mom and a Dutch dad.
So of course they were passionate about understanding different cultures, starting with their own.
Travelling came as the most obvious way to do so.

They went to Asia, Africa, North & South America, and of course Europe to explore, experience, and understand other cultures and cuisines. As their love for eachother was growing, they realized that their love for the world was too.

That's why they created EPICurious Pantry - to share their exploration and spread the love. They believe that by understanding and experiencing other cultures through food, we become more tolerant, loving, and therefore willing to make the world a better place.

Our Products

Sophie & Blake wanted to share this adventure in a ​playful way that invloves the excitement, the curiosity and the desire they felt while traveling. 

That's the reason why you never know in advance what you will discover,  just like when you travel!
But you can be sure that our pantry is:
100% authentic 
Chemical free
Prepared with love
Made with as many fresh & local products as possible
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